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VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, IP telephony, internet calling or voice over broadband sounds like a complex way of getting in touch with people, but it is in fact one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of making calls that there isAs a VoIP provider, we are not a phone company and we don’t operate with rigid plans and packages. VoIP is a cheap and flexible alternative to traditional business telephony.  

Instead of being plugged into a telephone line, a VoIP phone uses an ethernet cable to stay connected to the internet. A huge plus of this is that it means that the voice quality remains high and the downtime rates stay low. (So low, in fact, that so far this year we’ve had 0% downtime on our networks.) VoIP can also work via an app (also known as a softphone) which means you don’t even need a handset; you can make calls from your mobile and even computer thanks to this flexibility. In short, if there’s an internet connection, you can call whoever you need to, wherever you need to with VoIP.  

By 2023 traditional ISDN is going to be phased out and VoIP phones are going to be a replacement. There’s no point in waiting until then to make the switch. Most VoIP services can be installed seamlessly without interrupting your usual business, and, most importantly, the benefits of VoIP services speak for themselves. Here are just a few:  



Due to the fact that a VoIP phone can run off almost any device that connects to the internet, there is very little expensive infrastructure to install which mea
ns that it is both cost and time effective- there's no waiting around and putting precious days on hold to install new lines and hardware. All that is needed for a VoIP phone to run is an ethernet connection, and for softphones, this isn’t even necessary most of the time.  

Due to the benefit of the internet, call charges stay low and remain low thanks to the internet caring not about location, so no matter where you are in the world, cross-continent calls won’t rack up premium prices.  

Furthermore, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your VoIP service, the repair and maintenance costs won’t break the bank. Thanks to the most up to date infrastructure and hardware, VoIP is a reliable alternative that over time starts to pay for itself thanks to the money you can save on not having it repaired all of the time.

Agility and Accessibility 

Unlike the older alternatives, a VoIP phone is both portable and flexible, meaning that you and your firm can have almost unlimited accessibility and agility across the board. This means that working from home can be a breeze and business trips don’t me
an that you aren’t accessible when your team need you to be.  

VoIP systems allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection so whether you’re in Birmingham or Barbados, you can always stay connected. To further the ease of this even more, regardless of where you are, you can continue to use the same number so that there is no confusion and so that you can remain professional and present when it’s most important to do so. This also comes in incredibly handy when working from home or across multiple offices.


As we know, VoIP systems are incredibly flexible and resilient, and because of this, a VoIP system can grow with your business with ease. Traditional telephony can be restrictive and can require a lot of maintenance 
and money if a business grows due to all of the new equipment and phone lines that usually come with growth. With VoIP, adding new users, new VoIP phone features and add-ons can be done in minutes with next to no disruption for your business thanks to the low cost and the lack of need for engineers on your premises.  

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