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We offer a lifecycle of services to help you through the BT PSTN and ISDN switch off 2025. Don’t leave it until the last moments of the BT 2025 switch off plan to find the right solution for your business moving forward.

What is isdn?

ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and it is a type of legacy telephony that allows voice and data signals to be transmitted over the same line. ISDN lines were very popular with businesses in the early days of the internet because they were faster than the more basic lines available at the time.

Why is ISDN being switched off?

Broadband internet connection speeds are much faster and more reliable than ISDN. Traditional ISDN lines are also limited in terms of flexibility and businesses are tied to physical locations. Moving to cloud-based systems are more scalable and flexible for remote working and IP technology is a better fit to meet these requirements.

Things to consider choosing your phone system

BT Openreach PSTN switch off

Cost Effective Alternative to the
BT Openreach PSTN switch off

Remote Working Solution

Is your ISDN switch off solution able
to Facilitate Remote Working?

Resilience BT ISDN switch off

Resilience is Guaranteed with
a service to support you post BT
ISDN switch off fully

Scale VoIP Solution

Is the solution Easy To Scale post
BT ISDN and PSTN switch off?

24/7 VoIP Activity

Ensure you Never Miss A Call
post the BT switch off 2025

With nearly 30 years of experience, we have seen almost every type of ‘scenario’ and are well prepared to support you through the Openreach PSTN switch off and ISDN shutdown that’s due to happen. The ISDN phase out started in 2020, with the BT PSTN switch off plans being ramped up through 2023 to ensure its complete shutdown in 2025. Ensure your business chooses the right solution for its longevity.

Contact our experts today to see how we can help you prepare and migrate away from PSTN.

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We have you covered, with a vast array of skills and services at our disposal, along
with decades of experience, we offer connectivity to suit your business needs.


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