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How VoIP Improves Your Business Communications

Communication is vital for business success. To lead the competitive rat race, you must follow the best practices and ensure smooth two-way communications with suppliers, partners, stakeholders, and clients. While numerous emerging technologies exist in the telecommunication field, it is often challenging to stay on top of the trends. Nevertheless, if one buzzword has b ...

What is VoIP?

VoIP, also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol, IP telephony, internet calling or voice over broadband sounds like a complex way of getting in touch with people, but it is in fact one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods of making calls that there is. As a VoIP provider, we are not a phone company and we don’t operate with rigid plans and packages. VoIP is a cheap a ...

The benefits of VoIP you need to know

Cost-effective Any business that uses VoIP can appreciate the cost saving potential it has. Telephone lines and bills cost a lot, and with VoIP you don’t have those payments. This especially applies if your business regularly makes long-distance phone calls as, on a landline, this can be expensive. We typically save you 20% - 40% of what you would have paid previously. Instea ...

VoIP Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them

VoIP Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them  

Cyber-security should always be a priority. A company should always make sure they know the risks they’re faced with and should always protect themselves against them.