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You may have heard about, or read online the words ‘ISDN switch off’ and have had no idea what it means, or how it will affect your business. This is where we are here to help, to let you know what’s happened, what’s going to happen, why it’s going to happen and the solutions available to you moving forward.

In the 1800s PSTN was introduced, and then in 1986, BT introduced ISDN. However, since then technology has constantly evolved, but they haven’t evolved with it. Although ISDN has improved immensely since 1986, it has remained remarkably unchanged which means it’s become outdated. Broadband speeds are faster, people and businesses rely heavily on technology and ISDN and PSTN can no longer keep up. So, a plan was introduced for the BT 2025 switch off.

Hang on, we hear you asking, what is the BT ISDN switch off plan? BT plans to have BT ISDN and PSTN switched off completely in 2025. The plans began in 2020 for the ISDN and BT PSTN switch off, they are being ramped up in 2023, ensuring the final result is both ISDN and PSTN being completely switched off and no longer used for 2025.

Although this information was released a few years ago, many businesses have waited and don’t have any plans in place for a system they can migrate to. So, we are here to help t advise on the best courses of action.

In a post-pandemic world, where many employees are demanding the ability and flexibility to work from home, the best solution available is a VoIP telephony system. This allows you to meet not just your business needs, but those of your employees as well. A VoIP telephony system affords you the flexibility to work from where you need. Traditional ISDN lines don’t offer the flexibility many companies need, meaning the need to migrate might be the best thing to happen to your business.

When it comes to choosing a VoIP telephony system, you need to take into consideration such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, integration capabilities, and if it has the same benefits that you find useful as your current system. Here at VoIP experts, scalability is one of the things we can easily accommodate. Ensuring that no matter how many phone extensions/users you require, we can provide them. Including the ability to add or remove extensions/users when needed. We ensure our telephony system integrates seamlessly with over 250 different widely used applications, from teams, and salesforce to skype and many more. Not only this, but we understand that whilst many people would be working from home using a laptop, there may be scenarios where you will need to use a different device to call clients from. To save you money in the long run, instead of needing to pay for traditional contracts, you can use our VoIP telephony on your phone, tablet and laptop, with our experts on hand to talk you through the process.

There is another option for companies when the PSTN and ISDN switch off happens, and this can be switching to SIP. However, this isn’t the solution it presents itself as. Using a SIP means that you are tied to one location and can’t offer the flexibility that so many people and businesses require.

Don’t tie yourself down to one location, and don’t wait too long to migrate. Contact one of our VoIP experts today to discuss how we can help you today.

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