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When it comes to choosing a telephone system for a business, more and more companies are opting for a VoIP business phone to meet their ever-growing demands. Ever since the pandemic and the increasing number of people choosing to work from home, VoIP telephony systems are becoming increasingly popular vs traditional telephony contracts for many reasons. But, when your team also relies on systems such as Microsoft Teams, it’s not just a telephone system that you’re looking for but one that has been built and modified to seamlessly integrate with any systems you use. Our VoIP business phone integrates seamlessly with over 250 different applications, and one of these is the popular Microsoft Teams Phone system and Teams Application.

Microsoft Teams is an incredibly useful application used by many businesses. It allows the user to message other colleagues, hold meetings, access, and store files and more. However, it doesn’t specialise as a telephony system for clients, and this is where we, the VoIP experts step in. However, we are sure there are still many questions that you have when it comes to discussing the capabilities of our VoIP integration services. The most pertinent one that may be on your mind is, how is it integrated. One of the most common and user-friendly ways we integrate with Teams is by pinning our application. Along the left-hand side of the application, you have a list, these cover things such as mentions, chat, teams, files, etc. Our VoIP business phone system would appear underneath. To use it, all you would have to do is click. The same way you would open files and then use it to search for a relevant document or spreadsheet. You would simply click on the icon, and our VoIP system is ready to go.

This is all brilliant information, but we know you may still have questions. Such as, what happens to our phones? Is everything based solely on a computer/laptop? The short answer is no! Our VoIP telephony systems allow you to use it on any device, from a laptop, tablet and phone. It simply means it’s a more cost-effective way for you to keep your number (if you choose to do so), use Microsoft Teams and not have to purchase contracts with mobile phone providers.

Something many begin to ask when they look into their teams' phone system and discover the integration capabilities VoIP experts has to offer is ‘Well, what about my other applications? Can I integrate any of those?’. Yes, you can. Many companies who use Teams, also use a variety of other Microsoft products such as Outlook, and other providers such as Zoho, Salesforce, Netsuite and more. One of the benefits VoIP Experts' telephony system offers is the functionality to turn your voicemails into emails for ease of access. As the VoIP system also integrates with Outlook, it means you don’t have to sit through endless voicemails or switch between multiple browsers to view them.

This is the point where you are probably very interested in the integration capabilities, but may be wondering how to do it. Configuring software integrations can be timely, complex and costly. It often requires a specialist to do it due to the training that’s required to ensure the systems work flawlessly, giving you (hopefully) no downtime which leads to a loss of income. Many companies attempt to integrate different systems themselves to no avail. However, with VoIP Experts, that’s not an issue you will face. Our packages are tailored to your business needs and requirements. We assess what applications you currently use and if they are within the over 250 applications that we currently have integrations with. We then do all of the hard work, ensuring we can get your VoIP system up and running, without causing you any hassle.

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