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Any business that uses VoIP can appreciate the cost saving potential it has. Telephone lines and bills cost a lot, and with VoIP you don’t have those payments. This especially applies if your business regularly makes long-distance phone calls as, on a landline, this can be expensive. We typically save you 20% - 40% of what you would have paid previously.

Instead, your communications data is sent over an IP network. In using an IP network, the problem of having to install many phone lines is eliminated.

Your IP network can be your internet connection, or a direct connection to you phone service provider. In fact, it can actually be a combination of both.


Available world-wide

An extremely good feature of VoIP is that is can be used anywhere. Whether you’re in office or abroad, the communication services are available. This is especially helpful for big businesses who work internationally. Telecommuting has never been so easy.

VoIP is completely mobile. If you ever catch yourself in need of moving office or transferring your VoIP system, it is very easy to do. You can even access it if you’re working from home! Traditional phone networks require much more work. If you’re looking for flexibility VoIP is the ways to go.


Enhanced Conference Calling

Traditional phone networks allow conference calling, yes, but it's quite expensive. It costs you much more to host multiple callers. If you’re a business that constantly conference calls, and has discovered the high expense, giving VoIP a go will definitely help you out.

Not only voice conference is available, either. If you want to use video, images or even text during your calls VoIP supports this. It’s easy, and can change your presentations completely.



Furthermore, not only will VoIP change conference calls, it will also change FAX. You will be able to send FAX over your IP for low costs.

In addition to this, since it’s sent over the IP network, you won’t even need a FAX machine. This also helps to reduce costs. And improves efficiency. Receiving and sending FAX has never been easier.



VoIP works over an internet connection. So, if you even found yourself without one you may jump to think that you won’t have phones either. However, VoIP is adapted for this. In that scenario, calls can easily be forwarded to your mobiles etc.

This is all part of the massive flexibility that VoIP possesses.

Plus, if you ever miss a call our system lets you know with a notification when a caller leaves you a voicemail. A copy of the message will also be sent straight to your email. This requires no extra cost. You’ll never miss a message again!


After learning all you can gain from VoIP integration, we think you should give it a go. Contact us for more information on the process, and any other features you may have questions about. If you decide to go VoIP, choose us!

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