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The return of the Motorola RAZR. Is the world ready?

As we all know, smartphones are one of the most popular- if not the most- pieces of tech that majority of people have. Whether it’s the new iPhone or an old Samsung, it’s still a smartphone. Smartphone companies are constantly in a battle to be the most relevant, have the best tech, be the most efficient. This time, Motorola have brought out something completely different, a sm ...

The benefits of VoIP you need to know

Cost-effective Any business that uses VoIP can appreciate the cost saving potential it has. Telephone lines and bills cost a lot, and with VoIP you don’t have those payments. This especially applies if your business regularly makes long-distance phone calls as, on a landline, this can be expensive. We typically save you 20% - 40% of what you would have paid previously. Instea ...

VoIP Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them

VoIP Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them  

Cyber-security should always be a priority. A company should always make sure they know the risks they’re faced with and should always protect themselves against them.